Ski Improvement Clinics Coming Soon!

Hello skiers ,

The ski improvement clinics run by our Level 4 conductor Jared are coming up soon!

Please mark your e-mail calendars for Feb 23 and 25 at Rabbit Hill and / or Feb 29 and March 2 at Snow Valley.

**Sign up for one or all 4 but inform me which ones so we can plan accordingly.

All clinics run from 6:00-9:00 PM but if late come find us on hill.

**Wear your patrol jacket as your lift ticket. We don’t need the packs or radios.

Register by letting me know you’re interested and which date(s):

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Snow borders. Please consider joining us in the future. Unfortunately we’ve had so little involvement from our snowboarders we cannot extend the offer this year. Please reconsider and make a commitment for fun for next year. ** Reply and inform me if you will attend a snowboard improvement session next year please.

Slide safe for the rest of our season.

~ Anita  Chevalier ~
Snow Valley APL
Edmonton Zone
Mountain Division

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