Zone Bingo

Bingos are the bread and butter for the CSP, they are what makes patrolling in the Edmonton Zone possible. The information on this page is provided to give you the answers to any question you may have.

All bingos take place at the Castledown Bingo Hall, which is located on 12222 137th Avenue. All volunteers are expected to arrive between 4:30 & 5:30 pm.

Main Contact:

Mike Cava

Please complete the form below to send a question, comment or suggestion to Mike.

It is now much easier to sign up for Bingos.  GO TO MEMBERS ONLY PAGE TO SIGN UP

A Little History:

The Edmonton Zone CSP is a member of the Castledowns Bingo Association. We currently work with 30 other organizations at the Castledowns Bingo Hall. The CSP is very lucky to be working with Castledowns and it takes a lot of hard work from everyone to ensure we remain with the wonderful people at Castledowns.

Why do I have to give cheques for bingos?

Two $100 undated cheques are required from you as a guarantee you will show up or find a replacement for your required bingos. If you fail to show up or can not find a replacement for a bingo your cheque will be cashed. Upon completion of your two bingos your cheques will be returned to you.

How many Bingo’s do I have to work?

Every member must work two bingos per year, no matter what your standing is with the CSP.

The Castledowns Bingo Association sets guide lines that we must conform to in order to remain a member and avoid any levies charged against us. These levies come into play when we are short our minimum number of workers. Levies are handed to us based on each person we are short per event. Under the guidelines of the Alberta Gaming Commission, if we are short workers we can lose our gaming license as well as put into jeopardy the license of the Castledowns Bingo Hall. If the bingo hall was to lose their license we would be affecting thirty other associations which use this hall as a source of income. The CSP and the other members of the Bingo Association face huge risks when any one member fails to show up for their bingo shift.

What happens if I don’t show up for my Bingo?

When you sign up for a bingo you are making a commitment you are expected to keep. This is just like patrolling on the hill, you can’t just not show up without notice. You must give the appropriate people at least a week’s notice you cannot attend a bingo, or your bingo cheque will be cashed. We would prefer you find a replacement for yourself, to make your life and ours easier.

Can I leave early?

That is entirely up to the Chairperson at the bingo. Generally if you request to leave early we will try our best to accommodate you. Keeping in mind that leaving early means 10:00pm and only if your absence does not put us short for late night bingo. We guarantee nothing though; it all depends on how the night is going. If you leave early without permission the zone may be fined and we will pass that fine on to you.

Can other People who are not in the CSP work for me?

Yes they can. If you bring yourself and another person to a bingo we will count that as attendance for both of your mandatory bingos. You can finish your two bingos in one evening.

How many points do I get?

Currently, you get ten points for every bingo that you work above your required two.

What positions are available for a bingo?

Don’t listen to everyone else, there are no “bad” jobs at bingo. Only jobs you’d prefer over another, so make sure you come early to get what you want.

The following positions are people on the floor selling to patrons.

  • Bonanza Seller
  • Satellite/Odd-Even Seller
  • Nevada Seller

The first three positions have to be signed in between 5 to 6 pm. We need a few workers in each position when the cashier opens at 5:15. After 6 pm they take a head count and if we are short workers the zone risks being fined. Remember, your bingo cheque is insurance that we do not receive a fine.

Zip Seller – Start time is 4:45pm

The positions in the “cage” are:

  • Chairperson 4:30pm start
  • Bonanza Controller 4:30pm start
  • Satellite/Odd-Even Controller 4:30pm start
  • Papers 4:45pm start
  • Pay Master 4:45pm start

If you are interested in learning how a bingo works from the inside then the ‘cage’ is the place to be.

We are currently anticipating “new” games at Castledowns so new positions may become available in the future. We are promised they are fast, fun and free!

Different Bingo Event’s

Depending on what date you are working, there are two different bingos we work for Castledowns.

Regular Event:

  • Workers are needed and expected to arrive around 5:30pm for the evening event.
  • You will be scheduled to arrive between 4:30pm and 5:30pm depending on what job you will be working for the evening.

Monday Nights & Special Events:

  • Workers are needed and expected to arrive around 5:30pm for the evening event.
  • You will be scheduled to arrive between 4:30pm and 5:30pm depending on what job you will be working for the evening.

Please Note: If you accept the position of: Bonanza Controller, Satellite/Odd-Even Controller, Chairperson, Papers, and Paymaster you must remain the entire night. You cannot leave early, as we are not allowed to switch these positions. You will also be expected to arrive early to organize your work load for the evening.

General Rules when you show up for Bingo:

  • You must eat your meals in the volunteer room. You have a max. of $8 for your evening meal.
  • You cannot go to the bathroom or volunteer room with your selling aprons on, you must take them off and return them to your bin.
  • The Patrons waving money in the air want to buy Bonanza tickets, the people with bingo daubers in the air want the Satellite/O.E. sellers. Don’t worry though you’ll figure out real fast what they want.
  • If you have any questions when you show up, ask your specific game controller.
  • Do not stand around chit chatting, people will seriously freak out on you. Make sure you are walking around all the time. Your feet are going to be tired so wear comfortable shoes.
  • You will be expected to assist patrons if they call a “bingo”. If you’ve never called a “bingo”, then make sure you talk to the Caller before bingo starts and they will teach you how they want you to read the “bingo” card back to them for the win.

At the End of the Shift: Free Beer and Pizza!

For all those who stick around, the Zone buys you pizza and beer at BP’s and raffles off a door prize after every bingo, as a great big thank-you. We need your attendance at bingos, so this is one way we hope to get you out more often. Unfortunately we can not go for pizza and beer on Sunday evenings because Boston Pizza closes early.

For everyone who hasn’t worked a casino before (and who has) below are a few important points to keep in mind. (Casino’s are actually a lot of fun and you’ll get to see the inside workings and just how much money goes through during a day!).

  • No outside food. (food will be provided for you)
  • No alcohol or gambling!
  • Be as least 15 min early for you’re shift
  • Wear casual clothes and comfortable shoes
  • No electronics.

Also keep in mind that if you sign up and then can’t make it for you’re shift you must find someone to take you’re place. We get in big big trouble for not having a full roster! You can bring any family or friends you would like to work the casino with you provided they are over the age of 18.  (you do get extra points for working this as well).
Bingo and Casino Exemption

Any Edmonton Zone member that lives 100km or greater from Edmonton will be exempt from any bingo or casino. They do not need to present 2 undated bingo cheques when registering.

Final Note:

  • Any member who does not work their 2 bingos will have any outstanding cheques cashed.
  • Any bad (NSF) cheques or fines which are not paid to the CSP – Edmonton Zone within 30 days of the time of notice will result in a change of the member’s status to “NOT IN GOOD STANDING“. This type of status will prevent the member from registering for the upcoming ski season.