Palamarek Ski Tour 2010-2011

Howdy Everyone,

As you may know Mike, Jill, Katie & Abbey will be doing their best Partridge Family impression and loading up the Motorhome with skis and various musical instruments (cello, violin, keyboard) to hit the slopes in the States for a couple of months.

I’ve laid out a preliminary itinerary as we are leaving right after Christmas.  The plan is to hang out in Idaho/Montana until it is good in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which shouldn’t take too long as JH had 41” (yes inches) of snow this past week. After Wyoming we’ll focus our time in Utah and Colorado.  Once we have tracked out the place the plan is to jump over to Taos, New Mexico before make a run for the coast and taking the kids mid-March to San Diego/Anaheim and the rides.  After saying goodbye to Mickey we’ll head for Mammoth & the Lake Tahoe area before making a beeline home early April.

We are planning on skiing during the week and travelling/sightseeing on the weekends.  Of course if it is snowing a foot a night, we’ll be happily stuck wherever, “Never leave snow to find snow!”

Happy skiing,

Mike, Jill, Katie and Abbey

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