Marmot Basin Installs 2 New Lifts

Filltheholes from JMJB on Vimeo.

Paradise High Speed Quad and the School House Triple Chair

Be sure and see this amazing video of the helicopter in action during construction of the new lift towers at Marmot Basin – Jasper. See concrete pouring from the air, with the remote video camera mounted on the concrete bucket. This is a really cool video worth watching – be careful you don’t get dizzy from the motion. Experience seeing Marmot Basin from the air, try  and locate various ski runs as you sway from the bucket. There is also another video of the helicopter removing the lift towers that shows you first hand what’s involved in dismantling them.

Marmot Basin -helicopter in construction

The Marmot Basin blog features construction information, photos, videos, trail map and facts about the new lift:

“The Paradise High Speed quad will have 17 towers, will move a whopping 2,400 people per hour, has a vertical rise of 410 meters (1,345 feet), and will carry skiers up 1.45 kilometers in only 4.6 minutes.”  – Marmot Basin Blog

Congratulations! With this phase of construction work complete, Marmot Basin will be the gold standard as the:

“Canadian National Park ski area to have completed its “Vision Statement” and site guidelines as required by Parks Canada.” – Marmot Basin Blog



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