About The CSP

The Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP) is a registered non-profit corporation comprising highly-trained volunteer and professional members. The System is national in scope and was formed to promote safe skiing and to provide assistance to injured skiers. The CSPS’s membership of more than 6000 patrollers provides a Canada-wide, highly-skilled and responsible service to the skiing industry.

More Info About the CSP

The Canadian Ski Patrol has evolved from rather humble beginnings to become an organization that has been modeled as the basis for ski patrols around the world. Part of what the CSP is and does is listed below.

Accident Prevention

Although the Patrol is most widely recognized for its handling of ski accident victims, it is safe to say that at least half of the CSP activities are in the area of accident prevention.

Recently, in response to industry needs, it was decided that these strong efforts would be increased. To ensure that this responsibility is being actively met, four specific actions are being undertaken.

a) Patroller education

Although accident prevention has always been taught as part of the 40 hour beginners course and the even more demanding refresher’s course, the emphasis is to be officially increased. The section of the manual dealing with this subject has been expanding threefold and new and practical instruction will be taught.

The role of the patroller is emphasized (subject is some cases to authorization from the area manager). As well as providing concrete examples of action to be taken to help reduce the incidence of ski accidents.

b) Area management relations

The Patrol can only be as effective in accident prevention at a ski centre as the area manager determines. Management is the final authority on many programs and actions that can be taken.

This is designed to help the manager and patrol leader determine beneficial programs and establish the mechanics for their implementation.

c) On-site programs

The Patrol carries out a number of different actions at different areas depending on needs. These programs outline procedures for activities such as: 

- Hill opening sweep procedure 
- Accident prevention maintenance 
- Observation and recommended action 
- Localized accident reporting system 
- Record Keeping 
- Closing sweep procedures

d) Public education

Although the Patrol has limited resources, it has developed programs designed to raise safety consciousness among the skiing public. Most of these are covered under the section entitled “Promotional programs”. Most of the material and programs are available for use at your area.