Call for Nominations for the Position of Zone President of the Edmonton Zone

Dear Patrollers,

This is a call for nominations for the position of Zone President of Edmonton Zone for the year 2015 to 2017.

The Nominee must have been an active member for at least 18 months and have strong leadership skills.

A short bio should accompany the nomination so that it may be emailed out in the election package.

A nomination form must be sent by the candidate (nominee), with the names of the 2 Patrollers nominating the candidate to the returning officer, then both Patrollers must each complete their nomination form below with the candidates name.

Qualifications and responsibilities of a Zone President are listed, as a guide, in the Patroller’s Manual.

To be nominated please complete the form below.

The deadline for receipt of your nomination by the Returning Officer is Monday, March 23 2015, by 12:00 Noon.

The election will take place, as soon after the receipt of the nominations as possible.

(An election forum may take place, if called for by the candidates).

If you are interested in the other executive positions, which are appointed by the incoming Zone President, please indicate in the “other positions” space on the nomination sheet. The executive positions are VPs of Operations, RISK (Safety), Admin, Finance, Education (Training) + other portfolios at the discretion of the newly elected Zone President.

Yours, respectfully,

Dave Harrison
VP Operations – Mountain Division

Nomination Form:

Please complete the form below to nominate yourself or someone else for the position of Zone President or indicate if you are interested in being considered for one of the zone executive roles
  • Your Contact Details

  • Are You Seeking Election or Nominating Someone?

  • This Section Is For Members Seeking Election

    Note. Any of these positions may be open to appointment by the incoming Zone President after this election.
  • NOTE: You only need to be nominated by 2 people if running for Zone President
  • This Section Is For Members Nominating Someone for Zone President

  • Use this form if you are nominating someone for the role of Zone President

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