2014 – 2015 CSP Edmonton Zone Award Recipients

Congratulations to all of this year’s award recipients!


Kinosoo Hill Ski Resort Management

For their outstanding support to the CSP organization and their ski patrollers. Indeed, through their support, Val and Jurgen Grau have ensured the continuity of the CSP program at the hill, providing a pleasant, stimulating working environment and unmatched incentives for patrollers to come back year after year. As well, they have provided the CSP team with more than enough resources to be able to do our job in the most professional and stress free environment possible. Finally and more importantly, through their leadership and caring approach, they have allowed for the CSP to become an integral part of the Kinosoo family, making sure that the CSP support was recognized for its worth within the Kinosoo Hill team.

Rabbit Hill Snow Resort

We would like to recognize Rabbit Hill for their continued support to the CSP Organization and our members. We value their cooperation and especially for allowing our training team to run our On Hill component of our First Year group every year. Management has been very cooperative in dealing with all our members.

Snow Valley Ski Club

Snow Valley needs to be thanked for their support and pleasant working environment for all our members who work at this hill. They go out of their way to make sure our members know they are a valued member of their team. We look forward to a continuing great working relationship with all the people at Snow Valley.

Jared Heatherington

Jared is a not only a Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance  Level 4 course conductor, he is also a member of the CSIA Alberta committee. This volunteer board is responsible for Alberta’s Level 1 certification program as well as organizing events and providing many training opportunities throughput the province.
Although his time is limited and he has a busy family Jared has agreed whole heartedly to improve ski skills for our Edmonton Zone patrol members.
He has shown professional and enthusiastic attitude during the 4 clinics he has conducted yearly since 2013. Jared strives to make skiing more enjoyable and a lot less work by lending his sharp skills to asses and give individual feedback to our participants.
In doing so he has improved the level of our professional appearance on hill which we are very grateful for.
If participation numbers keep climbing Jared will need a clone!

Rob Laidlaw

Rob was a long time training officer on the Camelherder weekend.  He resumed his duties again this year when one of the trainers was injured.  He is a constant and steadying influence to all our patrollers.  Rob is the first one to reach out if he feels another patroller needs help or simply an ear.    Rob has many calls on his time, including a new business and young family.  He still finds time to maintain excellent attendance and has gotten his family involved in the Jasper Free Ride program.  He is committed to keeping high training standards at Marmot Basin and works very well with the other training officer and paid patrol.

Chris Scharf

Chris dedicated time and effort to increase the sliding skills of our snowboarding members. Chris is a certified Level 3 CASI instructor and keeps busy both locally and in the mountains. Chris guides and teaches with a professional attitude and his passion for mountain sports of all kind shows through with enthusiasm. His presence is as big as his smile and patrol is grateful for the work he does!

Dana Laidlaw

When Rob is away patrolling, working or helping out other patrollers, Dana carries on.  She has supported Rob’s love of patrolling for many years, both pre and post family commitments.  Dana has always been a strong supporter of the patrol and is a friend to all of the patrol family.


Adam Henschel

Adam is a CSIA Instructor who has helped our members with ski improvement/instruction on his own time. Adam also enjoys putting his acting skills to the test acting at Cas Sim Night as well.Adam spends many hours volunteering for the benefit of the patrol and deserves our thanks and appreciation.

Rick Henschel

Again this year, Rick has assisted the patrol in many ways. His ski instruction help has benefitted many patrollers in our zone. Both patrollers and 1st year candidates have benefitted from his expertise. He is always a willing victim at cas sim night as well.

Deb Mastaler

Deb has come up to Marmot with Tom on almost every Camelherder weekend. She helps out with rides to family members who do not necessarily have to be on the first lift.  Deb is sympathetic to the Camelherders hunger needs by invariably bringing along Friday night munchies.  She has been determined to improve her skiing skills, and has done so.  This season, she did her first black diamond run and survived.

Tara Kelly

Tara keeps the home fires burning while Dwayne is either patrolling, globe trotting, or otherwise occupied making rooming arrangements for the patrol.  Tara has a young family, and still encourages Dwayne in his commitment to the Patrol.

Denise Lauzon Dempsey

Deserves an angel pin because she has not 1 but 2 members of her family in the patrol and supports both of them in the tremendous amount of time their family commits to the patrol.


Ashley Tyner

Ashley has certainly demonstrated outstanding commitment and achievement in her first couple of years as a member of the Edmonton Zone executive team. From the moment Ashley joined the executive she has gone above and beyond.

Ashley is fully immersed with her duties in the recruitment portfolio and ensures there is always a ‘tweet’ or two relating the activities of the Zone. The social media campaigns designed and implemented by Ashley resulted in the largest rookie class for the
Edmonton Zone in over a decade; all this was achieved while working within a limited operating budget. Her innovative ideas and approach have and are discussed with the zone executive to ensure the ‘end result’ benefits all and remains cost effective.
She communicates well with her peers, conducts herself in a professional manner and is respected.

Ashley is well versed in marketing and recruitment and has provided welcome input at all levels of the CSP organization, zone, division and national.

Ashley became a first aid instructor and maintained an extraordinary commitment to education for the 2014/15 season. E-learning for first year patrollers was a pilot project for the zone this year and at the request of VP Education, Ashley stepped up to coordinate rookie training. She is dedicated to being a first aid instructor and will continue to assist in furthering the education of our members.

Ashley certainly adds enthusiasm to any aspect of patrolling that she takes on. She is a terrific role model for those that are first year members in the patrol. If only all of our young first year patrollers had half the commitment and dedication that Ashley has, the work load of some of our veteran patrollers would be reduced.


Rabbit Hill  – Garnet Miller

Garnet Miller has been with Rabbit Hill Patrol for 6 years. Garnet is always willing to go the extra mile in his patrolling duties, whether it being the extra items he carries in his pack to make the scene more safe and secure, or all the extra hours he puts in. Garnet is always willing to fill in for patrollers when they’re looking for a spare, when there is a hill rental, or when he notices the schedule is looking light. He’s always willing to train new patrollers in their roles and always keeps the attitude light with horrible jokes. 
Rabbit Hill Patroller of the Year- Garnet Miller

Snow Valley – Jordan Titosky

Jordan Titosky has been an active “team” member at Snow Valley for the 2014-2015 ski season and his commitment and dedication to the CSP and the ski area in general are truly exemplary.

Jordan’s assigned roster duty is Monday evening. Throughout the year Jordan has displayed an extraordinary effort both in active patrolling and taking on leadership roles within the area. He has also provided key behind-the-scenes support to his shift senior,
particularly during a time of serious illness. He contributed far more time and effort than would normally be expected in the performance of both his assigned functions and functions he chose to take on. Not only did he complete is roster duty on Monday’s, he
would assist on Friday evenings and regularly spare at Marmot Basin.

Jordan demonstrated the leadership qualities that are expected of a member in the senior patrol capacity. He liaised well with senior members of the CSP, paid patrol and operations and participated fully, offering suggestions for smoother operations at the

His positive attitude and sense of humor are extremely refreshing and certainly do and did contribute to the relationship with the new CSP members, paid patrol and area management. Jordan is always friendly, eager, energetic and helpful. He has a terrific
attitude when around young people (which are as we know, the bulk of the patrons at Snow Valley), encouraging them to ski and board responsibly and safely. Around the general public he is a great ambassador for the CSP.

While this is only his second year with the CSP, in early to mid February following discussion with his shift senior he put together a team to compete at the Mountain Division First Aid and Toboggan Competition in the rookie category. Due to unforeseen
circumstances, the team had to withdraw but is looking forward to competing in the near future.

Jordan communicates and works well with area operations, paid patrol and in particular his CSP peers. As his shift senior, I know any time he is at the area every step he takes is done with the utmost professionalism.

Marmot Basin – Tom Watts

Tom is one of the trainers on the Camelherder weekend.  He has helped organize all of the Sunday training sessions.  This usually involves working with the paid patrol in area specific details such as avalanche training, Mass Casualty Incident training and equipment specific to Marmot.  Tom coordinates all new patrollers coming up to do training, orientation and shadowing.  He generally meets with Marmot trainees prior to coming to Jasper to review protocol, radio calls and expectations.  Tom has a great attendance record and is committed to providing high training standards at Marmot.  Tom is a big part of the annual Camelherder Olympics which encourages team building between the paid patrol, CSP and hill management.

Kinosoo Ridge – Brian Hobbins

Brian became the unofficial APL for Kinosoo after the APL was deployed for 7 weeks with the military. Brian readily volunteered to take on extra shifts every weekend, manning his post during hill social events and oversaw the continuity of ski patrol operations while the PL was away every 2 weekends for High Country duties. A personable individual, Brian created and maintained a solid relationship with hill management and all of the staff in order to support our organizational mission. Brian vastly improved the team first aid response capability by using his advance medical knowledge to improve equipment and mentor all members in their first aid activities. A truly dedicated member, Brian has readily volunteered to become the PL next year due to the departure of the current PL after the end of this seas


Devin Nicoll

Devin joined the Patrol in 2010, and was assigned to Rabbit Hill.  He made his presence felt in his first year, as he picked up multiple additional shifts to help cover some shortages on other shifts. He was rapidly promoted to shift senior, and took over APL last year.

Whereas the other city hill has 3 APL’s, Rabbit only has one and he covers the complete roster.  An APL position is interesting as they work for 2 different groups; the Patrol Leader and the Patrollers on the hill.

Devon saw that keeping our rosters full would be a good use of his time.  With politely worded emails to ask for additional Patrollers to help fill in some holes in the roster; to he; himself filling those holes as the need arises.
Devon saw that skill improvement of Patrollers should be an ongoing process, and not a onetime thing. He encouraged his Patrollers to take a toboggan out, or to practice a back board or other skill.  Because of this training, he was also able to demonstrate his skills with metal bashing, but that is a story for another time.

Devin saw that as he was being put into a supervisor role, he needed to increase his knowledge on how to handle complex situations.  To assist himself in handling those situations, he has completed CISM training, and is becoming an Assistant Instructor. It is a sign of a good leader to recognise their weakness, and plan on how to control them.

And next year, he is going to take the skills he learned as an APL, and become a PL for Rabbit Hill


Mike Palamarek

Mike continues to maintain excellent relationships with all the Marmot Basin area management team and the paid patrollers at Marmot Basin.  His high standards and excellent rapport with the CSP members and Marmot paid patrol foster excellent team work and has contributed to the two teams working together extremely well. He also serves as the Patrol Leader Liason at Division. For these reasons and many more, Mike Palamarek is deserving of the Patrol Leader of the Year award


Benoit Cote

Benoit eagerly joined the patrol this year, wanting to learn first aid first and foremost as he felt he did not have proper training as part of his day-to-day job as a teacher. As well, the Canadian Ski Patrol allowed him to combine this desire to learn with his lifelong passion for skiing. Completing over 20 days of patrolling in the season and also gaining valuable experience by completing his High Country rating in Jasper, Benoit displayed a keen interest for what ski patrol is all about, being distinctively professional in his demeanor as a first aider and getting heavily involved with safety on the hill at Kinosoo Ridge. His nomination is a unanimous decision from all returning patrollers at Kinosoo as well as the Management Staff.


Will Dempsey

Everyone who knows Will knows how passionate he is about the CSP. If not, he’ll certainly tell you! His enthusiasm is the foundation of his commitment to our Zone.

This past year he helped recruit many of our 1st year students with the work of displaying at least 50 posters at various locations in Edmonton. On the 1st day of classes for our new recruits, it was obvious his work helped pay off. However, now more instructors were needed. No problem, Will was there to help teach many sessions. He would go above and beyond to assist a student and often taught evening study sessions on top of scheduled courses.

He also stepped up to fill the role of APL at Snow Valley this year. He always ensures that the CSP team operates smoothly. He has covered several shifts that weren’t even his to cover and sometimes did it without even being asked.

Will is a strong advocate of the Edmonton Zone CSP and has actively recruited people to join him at FIPS. He has made strong connections with patrollers all over the world and to them, Will is the face of the Canadian Ski Patrol. We are lucky to have him as one of our members.

Will, we are proud to award you the Edmonton Zone Patroller of the Year award!


Mike Cava

Mike has been an invaluable member of our zone’s first aid team for most of his 26 years in the zone. He is always ready to help or lead a group with CPR or any other first aid training that is required for our members. You will see him working with 1st year students and also with our returning patrollers. There aren’t many instructors who have devoted more time with our training than Mike has. After serving our zone as President for the last 4 years which required a tremendous amount of Mike’s time, he quickly agreed to take on the role of VP of Education when asked. This will continue to involve a lot of time for Mike. For this and many other reasons, Mike is certainly deserving of the Jim Gray Award.


Anita Chevalier

Each season, Anita goes above and beyond to assist with on hill training.  This year, prior to the first-year toboggan course, Anita organized pre-season refresher courses to ensure that everyone felt comfortable with their skills.  This was a huge help in ensuring that our first-year toboggan course went smoothly.  Anita also played a huge role helping teach and certify our first years in their toboggan training.  With a class of 50, this was no small task.

Anita continuously sources instructors to provide both ski and snowboard improvement clinics throughout the season.  Her commitment to ensuring that everyone has a chance to perfect their skills throughout the season is a testament to her devotion to both the patrol, and the sport.

For her outstanding commitment and contribution to on snow training this season, we feel Anita is most deserving of the On Snow Training Award.


Rebekah Wensel

This Junior Patroller had to bear one of the toughest burden to carry; being part of an Active Patroller’s family.

It has been a pleasure to see her blossom from being a quiet, reserved child to become a confident adult. She is “The” poster child for the JSP program.

She is always willing to pick up extra shifts, or when they were short people to man the Safety booth, she stepped forward to make sure that the CSP was well represented.  She engaged the public with what we do, why we do it and how we do it.  She was the only Patroller at the booth for an extended period of time, and she represented the patrol very well.

When she is on shift, she always seems to show up at the right place, at the right time and does the job that needs to be done without any prompting.  While onhill recerts were completed, she stepped forward to assist us with the training, and was a willing patient.  She asked informed questions, and made the educational experience better for those that were involved.

On her own she has taken additional training to improve her skiing ability, and now she is a CSIA level 1 Instructor.

She is continuing her association with the CSP, and has completed her Onsnow certification on the way to becoming an Active Patroller. It will be a pleasure to have her as an active Patroller with her infectious smile.


Scott Olsen

This is Scott’s final season as Patrol Leader at Rabbit Hill, while having an extremely busy schedule between work and family life he still made time available to fulfil his duties as Patrol Leader. In addition to the typical duties of early season scheduling, and organizing with the hill, Scott came out to hill rentals and fills in where he could. Scott took on a huge role this year, sitting down with Rabbit Hill management regarding Radio Channels and the lack of reception effecting the quality of care that the CSP provides to the patrons of the hill. It has been a long process with a lot of frustration, but after three years, management is now allowing CSP to use the hill operations channel. Thank you on behalf of the Zone.

Orval Belcourt

Orval joined the zone in 1997, and was recognized as Rookie of the year, and was area Patroller of the year for Snow Valley that year. In 2001, he received a Division Appreciation Award and was voted APL of the year for his work at Rabbit Hill. Orval obtained his Instructor status in 2004, and has been actively teaching and recert Patrollers since that time.

Orval is one of the “Go to” person in the Zone.  When extra Instructors are needed for Rookie training, call Orval. You need help with the MS150 call Orval.  Although he is rostered at Marmot, Orval is often seen patrolling at Snow Valley, and he has taken some shifts at Strathcona Wilderness Center as well. We appreciate all his time and effort!

Ghislain Leroux

Ghislain hasn’t been in our zone for very long yet but he has certainly stepped up to the plate and carried his weight. When we needed a new patrol Leader at Kinosoo Ridge in Cold Lake, he willingly took on that task. He has worked well with the local patrollers and area management in making sure our services run smoothly. In addition to his role as patrol leader, he has been a very active Marmot Basin spare. I think he has covered as many shifts as many of the rostered patrollers. As he has been transferred, he won’t be able to continue in our zone next year but he has made sure that a new patrol leader has been trained for Kinosoo Ridge. We truly appreciate the effort Ghislain has put into our zone.


Louise Charron

Louise has been involved in many ways over the last number of years in our zone, division, and at National. This award of Merit goes to recognize the many, many hours she has devoted to ensuring our patrol in Cold Lake is trained to the same level as we are in Edmonton. She has had to endure some long and sometimes dangerous roads driving back and forth to Kinosoo. She has been willing to do whatever it takes to make sure all sessions are taught, first aid skills are evaluated, and the on hill sessions are completed. Thank you Louise!

Jim Boss

Without Jim as our supply guy we would not be able to do our jobs. He works hard procuring the day to day items patrollers require to supply first aid services to the ski areas and to the public. Supply is a low profile job that no one thinks about until they run out of gloves, bandages, etc. Jim makes sure to get the supplies to the areas in a timely manner when requested.

Darrell Littlejohn

This award of merit is awarded to Darrell for his contributions to training all our patrollers at Cold Lake.

Darrell also spent many long drives on icy roads driving to Cold Lake for training sessions in First Aid and Onhill. I know some of those sessions have not taken place on the warmest days. Those of us that know how cold Darrell gets realize that it’s his commitment to the patrol that still gets the job done. By showing these patrollers that they were an important part of our zone, Darrell played an instrumental part in encouraging the patrollers from Cold Lake to come up to Marmot as well.

Shannah Murland

Even thou she had not attended any NAC, Shannah organized an event that set a new standard for the CSP.  Her chocolate dipped strawberries will go down in history.

Because she had no preconceived ideas, she was willing to step outside the normal mold of what was supposed to happen at a NAC.  The Hospitality suite was opened extended hours, and allowed informal gathering of Patrollers throughout the NAC. At times there was over one hundred people on the hospitality floor. She was usually the first person in the Hospitality suite, and the last one to leave once the mess was cleaned up.

Last fall she helped out with first aid and  CPR training and provided the students with practical knowledge she brings from her career.

Mike Sullivan

Once again this season Mike has proven to be one of the most reliable, enthusiastic & dedicated patrollers at Rabbit Hill. I’m pretty sure no-one patrolled more shifts than he did this season and I think anyone would be challenged to have a better attitude than Michael. He’s always got a great story to tell every time you see him and enjoys the time he spends, serving the public. In the upcoming season Michael will be expanding his leadership skills by taking on an APL role at Rabbit Hill.

Joe Pownall

Not only is this person an Excellent Patroller, he also works in the Ski Industry.

Joe is an active recruiter for the Patrol.  He is very sociable, and talks up the Patrol to the skiing public. He believes that the Junior Safety Patrollers are an important resource for the Patrol, and he stepped forward this year to coordinate them.  He arranged for them to be present at our 2 safety fairs, so that they could talk to their generation to get our message out.

He saw a need a couple of years ago, and he stepped forward to assist teaching First Aid.  Joe’s analytic mind allowed him to review the complete manual, and he was able to bring forward inconsistencies in the theory that have been passed onto National. He has the ability to break down complex tasks to easier smaller steps to follow that helps his students to understand.

Whenever there is a shortage of Patrollers to do an event; Bingo, Casino, 5 Peaks or training, Joe does not know how to say “ NO”.  Will Patrolling, Joe actively spots safety concerns on the hill, and either removes the hazards or notifies management

Tom Watts

The last few years Tom has become very active again in our Zone. He stepped up as a training officer at Marmot Basin when the need arose due to an injury. This year was a very busy year as Marmot Basin CSP had a lot of patrollers doing the training and orientation weekends. Almost every weekend the trainers were busy doing training.

Tom also organized an Avalanche Course that was attended by 11 members in our zone. Due to his hard work and extra time he devoted, Tom deserves an Award of Merit.

Carmen Annicchiarico

Carmen is a long time patroller who keeps a low profile, but is always the one to lend a helping hand to all.  He has great attendance as a patroller and is one of the first to respond to requests to haul equipment and do snow fences.  Carmen helps organize the provisions for the Marmot refresher weekend.  He is a mentor for Marmot trainees, and patiently takes them through on hill orientation, radio calls and equipment locations during the shadowing process.  Carmen has gone the extra mile and now even sports a CSP Camelherder tatoo.

Dwayne Kelly

Dwayne is the accommodation officer for the Camelherder weekend.  He organizes rooms for the patrollers and any others such as trainees, even from as far away as Russia.  This can be a very complex and thankless task as he juggles rooms, last minute requests, all while trying to keep everyone happy.  Dwayne has also assisted the CSP in ordering specific equipment for patrollers, such as pulse oximeters.  Dwayne has helped hill employees with the organization of their annual fundraiser, the “Cat Shack Shuffle.Dwayne is always an active participant in any patrol related activity that arises.

Riley Main

Riley has been a member of the CSP for only a short 2 years. Following his rookie season he became an Assistant Instructor. He has provided great assistance in helping with the training  by teaching practice night sessions in addition to being at every weekend class. He was valuable at the Onhill sessions as he was the only snowboarder AI for our first year snowboard candidates. At least 1 first year patroller has stated to me that he wouldn’t have been as successful in tobbogan handling if it wasn’t for Riley.

Greg Pasychny

Greg is the APL on the Camelherder weekend at Marmot.  He displays strong leadership skills. He works well with management and the paid patrol staff.  His capable skills organizing the roster and dealing with day to day issues as they arise help to make the PL, Mike P.’s job easier.  As the mayor of Edson, Greg is involved in management and practises problem solving skills daily, which he brings to the hill.

Lauren Greenough

Lauren started with the Rabbit Hill Patrol this December, while being new to the patrol she brings with her a can do attitude. Always one of the first to arrive at the hill, and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done quick and efficiently. While Lauren is a new patroller she has no qualms with speaking up and asking questions, or giving another perspective. Whether it be rolling up miles of snow fencing, running up the hill to an accident, or providing an exceptional bedside manner, Lauren always does it with a smile on her face.


Mike Cava

Mike was Zone President for the last 4 years, yet found the time to be at every training session and most recert sessions as well.  He taught the Instructor course in August, ran the chair evacuation in October.  He taught the on snow session and has run the spring on snow.  Mike also coordinated the Critical Incident Stress Management course.  He stepped up and took the initiative to attend many low country shifts and do patroller recertifications.  Mike has done all of this while maintaining his roster position, and being a very involved, Zone President. I am not sure if there has been a year since Mike has been involved in our zone that he wasn’t active in some form of leadership. Our zone couldn’t operate without people like him.   For his dedication to the Canadian Ski Patrol and especially the Edmonton Zone, I am proud to award the Gary Wilson Award to Mike Cava

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